Foundation Background

The Foundation for Public Safety Training has a close connection with South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium (“SBRPSTC”) because SBRPSTC is an organization that provides public safety training as a consortium of ten community colleges in the Bay Nine Northern California Region Area.  SBRPSTC provides police academies, fire academies, EMS and Dispatch programs, explorer scout programs, and wide range of other public safety training related courses and curriculum.    

The Foundation for Public Safety Training will provide funds and services to the SBRPSTC in order to improve SBRPSTC facilities, increase and develop educational and extracurricular programs, and generally enhance the educational experience.


Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of the Foundation for Public Safety Training is to provide financial support toward the furtherance of excellence in public safety training of those sworn and/or aspiring to serve, protect and improve the quality of life in the communities that the Foundation for Public Safety Training serves.


Vision & Goals

The Foundation for Public Safety Training, working  in concert with local businesses and community members, strives to raise funds dedicated to improving existing SBRPSTC facilities and programs essential to the delivery of  quality public safety training.  The Foundation sponsors and supports police, fire, corrections, EMS, dispatch, emergency management, and other SBRPSTC public safety related academies and training and programs.  Additionally, the Foundation is committed to assisting SBRPSTC and its business and educational partners in providing  internships and public safety work-study programs to our community’s students designed specifically to enhance  personal and vocational growth through exposure to the business world and the public safety profession.

The Foundation for Public Safety Training’s facility and educational goals are to:

  • Secure property, construct and support a dedicated Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) for use by public safety training entities throughout this region
  • Support programs which advance the relationships between public safety agencies and academic institutions with the goal of addressing current and emerging public safety training issues and challenges
  • Provide financial assistance to returning military veterans, students with financial hardships and at risk youth that the Foundation for Public Safety Training
  • Establish a “Benevolent/Scholarship” fund for the survivors of fallen public safety personnel


The purpose of our programs are to promote and advance public safety training education, and support other organizations conducting public safety charitable activities in our community. We further our purposes under this program by establishing a community advisory committee to connect local businesses with the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium’s goals, develop programs for students to gain vocational experience, and to provide funding to improve or develop educational and extracurricular programs in the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium (“SBRPSTC”) community and students.